Inspired by the fluxus movement, electronic archeology, and the physics of waveforms and signals, I make audio & visual work that brings experimental analog techniques into the new era of digital media and the internet. This takes the form of video art and music, performances, and installations.

In addition to my personal work and experiments, I create music videos, GIFs, graphic designs, and websites on commission. (View some of my client work here.)

I also publish small-edition zines, cassettes and VHS releases of my own work and for others. I am currently in the process of starting an independent label / distro for these called VOID PALACE.

I was born in Manhattan, NY in 1991 and developed an affinity for electronic devices as a small child. I began studying film at the iNDIE program in upstate New York in 2006. I received my BFA in visual art, new media and computer science from Purchase College in 2014. In 2015, I drove a 40-foot school bus full of old TV broadcast equipment from Brooklyn, New York to New Orleans, Louisiana, where I am now based.

I perform ambient electronic music & visuals as SLEEPWALKS.

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